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Salads with Chickpeas. Here are 13 recipes

Chickpeas Please !!!  Chickpeas are good for you. They are a really good source of improving digestion, reducing the risk of several diseases and controls weight loss.   Eating chickpeas everyday can reduce bad cholesterol.   Chickpeas are a delicious choice to have for a salad. So much so that below are 13 ideas for having chickpeas in …


The Best 13 Moroccan Salads

Morocco is known for many different things.   But most of you probably don’t associate Morrocco with Salads.   Morocco is known for mint tea, pastries, the Sahara Dessert and the architecture.   Below are 13 creative recipes. The Moroccan Carrot Salad, the delightful Moroccan Salad with Cilantro Orange Dressing, the excellent Moroccan Sweet Potato Salad, the suculant Moroccan Style with Roasted …