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7 Best Snow White Salads

What Is A Snow White Salad ?

A snow white salad is a salad from Bulgaria that in Bulgarians would call Snezhanka Salad. The main ingredients are yogurt, cucumber, garlic salt and dill and usually cooking oil. Snow white salads sometimes include roasted peppers, walnuts and parsley.

How Is The Name Snow White Salad Derived ?

The Snezhanka salad or other wise Snow White Salad comes from the fairy tail Snow White. The name is derived from the predominant color of the salad, white.

How Many Calories Are In A Snow White Salad ?

It has been calculated that a snow white salad has 97 calories in a 137 gram serving. It is also a good source of vitamin A, B and E

7. Tastycraze – Homemade Snow White Salad


6. Taste Atlas – Snezhanka Salad

Snezhanka Salad | Traditional Salad From Bulgaria | TasteAtlas

5. Tasty Craze – Snow White Salad With Cottage Cheese

Snow White Salad with Cottage Cheese - Recipe |
Tasty Craze

4. Edun Club – Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Salad

Edun Club

3. Healthy Delicious Recipes – Snow White Salad

Snow White Salad - Healthy Food Recipes
Healthy Delicious Recipes

2 Tasty Craze – Snow White Salad In Tomatoes

Snow White Salad in Tomatoes - Recipe |
Tasty Craze

1 Paloma Cruise – Snow White Salad

Snow White Salad
Paloma Cruise

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