Best Salad Cups

There is something about eating in a cup that makes eating a salad quite unique. It can be time saving and the salad tastes just as good as eating it in a bowl. Having salad in a cup means you can take it with you to the park, to work or take it to a picnic. There are so many ways to eat salad in a cup.

You can either put the dressing on the side or place the dressing in the bottom of the cup.

Below are four ways to enjoy your salad in a cup

Fresh Salad Container Serving Cup 

Zappy 5 oz Tall Square Mini Dessert Cups

Tosnail 75 Pack 7 Ounce Clear Plastic Dessert Cups with 75 Pieces Clear Plastic Tasting Spoons

Portable Salad Dressing Shake Cup

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