Is a Caprese Salad Healthy ?

WIth the right amount of mozzarella, a caprese salad is healthy. It is very low in calories and makes for a great lunch or side dish for dinner

Besides Salads What else can I have Caprese with?

  • Avocado Toast
  • Stuffed in a grilled sandwich
  • on a chicken breast
  • into quiche
  • baked with pasta

What is Bocconcini good for?

Bocconcini is good for pizzas, pastas, lasagne and how could you forget, mixed into salads.

Why is it called Caprese?

Caprese is named after the island of Capri. One story about the origin is that pays homage to the Italian Flag, another is that appease the palates of vacationing royalty.

Below are my favorite Caprese Salad recipes

Caprese Salad with Balsamic : Allrecipes


Caprese Salad with Grilled Peppers : Jamie Oliver


Caprese salad with grilled peppers
Jamie Oliver

Caprese Salad : Healthy Recipe Blogs


Caprese Salad on a plate
Healthy Recipes Blogs

Traditional Caprese Salad : The Kitchen Magpie


close up 3 pieces Traditional Caprese Salad in a marble designed serving plate
The Kitchen Magpie

Caprese Salad : Master Class

Caprese Salad : The Spruce Eats


caprese salad on a plate
The Spruce Eats

Asparagus Caprese Salad with Basil Gremolata : Aberdeen Kitchen


Asparagus Caprese Salad |
Aberdeen Kitchen

Heirloom Caprese Salad : Chatelaine 

Heirloom caprese salad

Caprese Salad : Eatwell101


Caprese Salad with Pesto Dressing - #recipe by #eatwell101®

Tomato Basil Avocado Mozzarella Salad : Julia’s Album

 10 Caprese Salad : Recipe Tin Eats


Close up of Caprese Salad with cherry tomatoes, baby mozzarella / bocconcini, basil leaves and dressed with a garlic-herb Caprese Salad dressing and drizzled with balsamic glaze.
Recipe Tin Eats

9 Caprese Salad : Taste of Home

Caprese Salad
Taste Of Home

8 Chicken Avocado Caprese Salad : Café Delites


Balsamic Chicken Avocado Caprese Salad |
Cafe Delites

7 Italian Caprese Salad : Tastes Better From Scratch


An overhead view of Caprese salad layered in a white dish with tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil
Taste Better From Scratch

6 Caprese Salad : Spend With Pennies


Caprese Salad with tomatoes and basil
Spend With Pennies

5 Chopped Caprese and Avocado Salad : The Practical Kitchen


an overhead shot of chopped caprese salad on a white plate. on the distressed white wood table around it are two slices of tomato, a bunch of fresh basil, a small bowl of salt, and two empty avocado skins.
The Practical Kitchen

Caprese Salad : Sugar Spun Run

Caprese salad drizzled with balsamic reduction
Sugar Spun Run

3 Caprese Tomato Salad : Cooking Light

2 Blueberry Caprese Salad : Love and Olive Oil


Blueberry Caprese Salad 4th of July Recipe
Love and Olive Oil

1 Chicken Avocado Caprese Salad : Café Delites


Balsamic Chicken Avocado Caprese Salad |
Cafe Delites



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