Tip #1 : Only use the best Mozzarella. It’s important not to use pre-sliced mozzarella or dry mozzarella. By doing this, you will be able to taste the mozzarella in the salad distinctively.

Tip #2 : Get the Best Tomatoes. Your best bet to getting the best tomatoes would be at the local farmer’s market. They have super delicious flavor. They are not as watery.

Tip #3 : Consider a variety of different tomatoes. If you get two or three different varieties of colored tomatoes, it will result in more texture to the salad.

Tip #4 : Always use Basil instead of Oregano : Italian basil would be best.

Tip #5 : Remove mozzarella and tomatoes from the fridge one hour in advance

Tip #6 : Salt the tomatoes before adding them to the salad. This creates greater intensity and helps draw out the juices

Tip #7 : Only add the basil just before serving

Tip #8 Use both salt and flaky salt. This provide more texture

Tip #9 : Tear up the basil leaves instead of cutting them. Some believe that the metal on the knife can interfere with the basil taste

Tip #10 : If you refrigerate the salad, cover each salad plate.

Tip #11 : If you leave the vinegar in the mozzarella for so long, it can get rubbery. If you are using oil and vinegar, add only when you are ready to serve

Tip #12 : Try roasting the tomato. This will release alot of the juice

Tip #13 : Make sure you sure your caprese salad with some crusty bread

Tip #14 : Get A Big Big Big brick of mozzarella. The bigger the pieces are the better the taste.

Tip #15 : Serving on a Platter : Place the tomatoes on a flat dish and then tuck the mozzarella slices between the tomatoes

Tip #16 : Not a fan of Mozzarella : If mozzarella is not your favorite cheese you can also try burrata cheese or even goat cheese.