Tip #1 : For Crunchier Coleslaw, the cabbage should be cut in half and soaked in salt water for about an hour. This will draw some of the moisture out and best of, makes it easier to chew. Once that is complete, it is important to drain well.

Tip #2 : Give different flavoring a try. These seasonings include celery seed, apple cider vinegar or celery salt, mayonnaise or dijon mustard

Tip #3 : Try Napa Cabbage. The big difference here would be that napa cabbage is longer in length that regular cabbage. Because of this, the napa cabbage is very tender.

Tip #4 : Use Ice Cold Water : Be doing this, it allows the cabbage that may of looked limpy to get revived

Tip #5 : Marinate the Shredded Cabbage in vinegar or salt. By doing this you will reduce any tangy taste.

Tip #6 : When grating the carrots and onions you want to make sure they are done carefully. The onions should be sliced finely because you want the onions to not dominate the taste.

Tip #7 : Make your own dressing. The store bought coleslaw dressings usually contain artificial flavors. The result is that it could ruin the taste of the coleslaw.

Tip #8 : You might want to try to Julienne your carrots. These carrots get cut thin and longer

Tip #9 : Use A COLD COLD bowl and a COLD cutting surface. This can make a huge difference. This creates a fresh taste for the coleslaw

Tip #10 : Try to avoid using a low calorie mayonnaise. If you swap the mayonnaise for Miracle Whip it does provide a sweeter taste