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Kosambari Salads. Just What Is That ? I’ve Got 10 To Show You

Kosambari, a vibrant and refreshing salad originating from the southern state of Karnataka in India, has long been a staple in Indian households. But in recent years, this simple yet flavorful dish has begun to garner attention far beyond its birthplace, captivating palates and hearts across the globe.

The growing popularity of Kosambari outside India can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, the increasing global interest in healthy and vegetarian cuisine has created a fertile ground for this nutrient-rich salad. With its base of grated vegetables like cucumber, carrots, and potatoes, along with crunchy peanuts and a tangy, spiced dressing, Kosambari offers a delicious and satisfying meal option for those seeking a lighter, plant-based fare.

Secondly, the rise of Indian restaurants and food businesses in international markets has exposed a wider audience to the diverse flavors of Indian cuisine. Kosambari, with its simple ingredients and adaptable nature, has become a popular starter or side dish in many such establishments.

Furthermore, the ease of preparation and the versatility of Kosambari have made it a favorite among home cooks around the world. Recipes readily available online have paved the way for experimentation and adaptation, allowing individuals to personalize this dish to their liking.

This global appeal has led to fascinating cultural exchanges and fusions. In the West, Kosambari is often enjoyed as a side dish alongside curries or grilled meats, while in Southeast Asia, it has been incorporated into local salads and rice bowls. Some variations even feature locally sourced ingredients, such as avocado or bell peppers, adding a unique twist to the classic recipe.

The adaptation of Kosambari reflects a growing trend of culinary fusion, where different cultures and cuisines converge to create new and exciting flavors. This exchange not only expands the culinary horizons of individuals but also fosters a deeper appreciation for diverse food traditions.

How To Prepare Kosambari Salad ?

  • Step 1. Generally you soak the green gram for two hours,
  • Step 2. Then you grate coconut and carrot.
  • Step 3. Finely cut the cucumber
  • Step 4 Chop Coriander and chilli
  • Step 5. Grate the mouthwatering mango
  • Step 6. Heat oil using a small pan
  • Step 7. Add Mustard and Curry Lead.
  • Step 8. Mix all the ingredients along with salt for taste

Moong Dal Carrot Kosambari : Click Here

This is from Hebbars Kitchen. What I like most about this Moong Dal Carrot salad is the flaky coconut, distinctive pomegranate seeds and lavish green chillis. The perfect addition for your next gathering.

moong dal carrot salad | hesaru bele carrot kosambari recipe
Hebbars Kitchen

Cucumber Kosambari : Click Here

This Cucumber Kosambari Salad is courtesy of Flavours Treat. You can absolutely amp up the color of your table with the salad. What I like most about this salad is the color combination of energized green and alert yellow. Give it a try

Flavours Treat

Hesaru Bele Southkayi Kosambari Recipe : Click Here

From Archana’s Kitchen comes this Kosambari Salad. This salad has ocean side coconut, yellow moong dal, and sweet, tangy lemon juice. That gives it some extra zap.

Hesaru Bele Southekayi Kosambari Recipe - Cucumber Kosambari
Archana’s Kitchen

Kosambari Salad : Click Here

This could be greatest Kosambari Salad in the land. Sprangly Wild Carrots, candescent and dazzling pomegranate seeds and yellow lentil is what stands out. This is from Maayeka

carrot cucumber kosambari

Udapi Kosambari : First Timer Cook

Sasmita really has described this in great detail. What I like is all the familiar ingredients and it is gluten free. The cucumbers pop out everywhere in this salad and lentils are smothered beautifully all throughout.

First Timer Cook

Moong Dal Kosambari : Spoon Fork and Food

Alright get ready to load up. It’s time to get the mustard out and make this thing sooooo yellow. I spy on my little eye, not one, not two but three things that are yellow. Moong Dal, Glowing Mustard Seeds and a slice of lemon.


Spoon, Fork and Food

Kosambari Salad with Carrots : Click Here

Indian Veggie Delight just has a Kosambari Salad with carrots that just wowed me. Not only do I like the grated carrots and the way they are BOLDLY grated and not only do I like the beautiful looking Moong Dal I also like the bowl they use.

Hesarubele Carrot Kosambari Ingredients
Indian Veggie Delite

Beetroot Kosambari Salad : Click Here

Sandy Ahariharan has this ready for you. Take a look at these eye popping spirals. I mean this is spectacular. Sandy shows you step by step how to make this Beetroot Salad

Spiralized Beetroot Kosambari
Sandhya’s Kitchen

Kosambari Carrot Moong Dal Salad : Click Here

This salad SCREAMS ORANGE. Cucumber pieces are out and ORANGE CARROTS just come screaming in. This recipe is courtesy of Aahaaram Online.

Carrot Hesarubele Kosambari | Carrot Moong Dal Salad: Rama Navami Special
Aahaaram Online

This Is My Favorite Kosumbari Salad

Kosambari Split Yellow Dal and Carrot Salad : Click Here

Carrots and Lentils steal the show. Courtesy of Just Home Made, this isnt just a salad. Whether you are a carrot lover or carrot hater, or carrot tweener, this looks spectacular.

Just Home Made

Kosumbari Salad Products


Kosambari’s journey from a regional Indian dish to a global culinary sensation is a testament to the power of food to connect people and cultures. Its adaptability, simplicity, and deliciousness have resonated with people across the globe, making it a testament to the universal appeal of flavorful and healthy cuisine. As Kosambari continues to travel the world, it promises to inspire more culinary innovations and cultural exchanges, further solidifying its place as a beloved dish on a global scale.

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