Tip #1 : Salt the Water. By doing this, it adds flavor to the pasta.

Tip #2 : If you want some extra zing, add a dash of cayenne to your Macaroni Salad

Tip #3 : If your macaroni salad dries up in the fridge, you can revive it by adding some warm water

Tip #4 Marinating : Unless advice with other salads that encourages you not to dress the salad refrigerated, this time refrigerate the dressing. What this does is that the dressing infuses the noodles and the flavors meld.

Tip #5 Rinse the pasta under cold water. If the pasta is too warm, it can wilt the veggies. It’s important to use enough cold water because once the pasta begins to cook, there will still be room for the pasta to move around

Tip #6 : It’s important not to freeze the pasta salad. If you freeze the pasta salad, you will make the pasta clumpy and mushy

Tip #7 : Make sure the pasta is drained well. If you are in a hurry you can drain the water by dumping the pasta on a paper towel to get some of the excess water off. If the water doesn’t get removed, it could dilute the flavor the ingredients

Tip #8 : Pasta Amounts : If you like a really really creamy macaroni salad use 8 oz of pasta. If you like it regularly creamy, use 12 oz of pasta

Tip #9 : If you’re in the mood, add cheese !!!. Some parmesan cheese curls or feta that is salty can make your macaroni salad taste dynamite

Tip #10 : Perhaps try Whole Wheat Pasta. The calories are about the same but the fiber makes you feel full and the likelihood of going back for seconds decreases

Tip #11 : Expand the Veggies. From time to time you might want to try some different veggies than the traditional onion and red pepper. Consider adding carrots, spinach or edamame. These veggies don’t take away the traditional flavor and at the same time add any calories.