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Shopska Salad ? Have You Ever Tried One !!!

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What is a Shopska Salad ?

A shopska salad is a chopped salad from Bulgaria, consisting of Tomatoes, Cucumbers, peppers, onions and feta cheese. Vinegar is sometimes included in this salad to provide some extra zip. Sirene, which is white brine cheese is sometimes used instead of feta. When a shopska salad is ordered in restaurants the dressing is often available separately. The number of calories in a shopska salad is 205 according to the nutrition facts sheet, serving size 196 grams.

Shopska Salad History

A Shopska salad has not been mentioned in a 1940 Bulgarian cookbook up until now. In 1955 the shopska salad was intended to promote tourism in the Balkans. It was invented in the East most Bulgarian region despite being named after the Shopluk region which is the Western most region of Bulgaria.

Shopska Salad vs Greek Salad

Although many of the ingredients are the same, one difference that a Shopska salad has is that the vegetables are sliced more than a Greek salad. A Shopska salad can also use slightly difference kinds of cheese other than feta.

Croatian Shopska Salad

A Croatian Shopska salad has the feta cheese crumbled on top. Many Shopska salads have their feta cheese cubed. In this Croation Shopska Salad by Where is My Spoon, ingredients include Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Cheese, Oil and three different colors of peppers to really make the Shopska Salad colorful.

shopska salad with feta
Where Is My Spoon

Czech Shopska Salad

In this Shopska salad she uses most of the same ingredients in a Shopska salad but here she includes banana peppers. This makes this salad an interesting Shopska salad to try. She uses white wine vinegar but mentions that you should be careful to the vinegar dosage. To find out more, click here Cook Like Czechs

shopska salad served in a bowl
Cook Like Czechs

Here are some of my other favorite Shopska salads.

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