Tip #1 : If you decide to take a taco salad to work or if you decide to head out of the house, here’s a helpful tip. In a mason jar place the salsa and the taco meat in the bottom of the jar. Put the onions, cheese and peppers in the middle and put the lettuce on the top of the jar.

Tip #2 : Roasting the onions and peppers. Most times tacos are usually served with the onions and peppers in separate bowls freshly cut. Try one night to roast them. By doing this, the tacos will have a fajita taste to them.

Tip #3 : If you are in a hurry and want to add some zest to your taco salad, try whipping up some Fiesta ranch dressing. All you need is store bought ranch, red and green onion, garlic powder, cilantro and cayenne pepper

Tip #4 : Use a non-stick skillet : Using cooking oil instead of spray can save about 30 calories.

Tip #5 : When softening the chicken, add the spices before you add the liquid improves the flavor

Tip #6 : Coat with Tomato Paste : If you are putting chicken into your taco salad, coat the chicken mixture with tomato paste instead of water

Tip #7 : Thinking of a Making a Healthy Taco Salad? If you are considering a healthy choice, instead of using ground beef, try your taco salad with ground turkey for something different. Turkey is more leaner than ground beef

Tip #8 : Avocado !!! If you are using avocado in your taco salad rub a tablespoon of olive oil on the exposed fresh of the avocado to keep it from turning brown