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The Two Best Shalgam Salads !!!

International Cuisine – Shalgam Salad

International Cuisine

Maria Ushakova – Raw Turnip Salad Recipe

Turnip salad on a white plate with a silver fork to the right.
Maria Ushakova

Shalgam Salad Products

Main Ingredients In A Shalgam Salad

Turnips and carrots, along with chopped parsley, pumpkin seeds, olive oil and lemon. These are the main ingredients to help make the evening more enjoyable.

Can You Japanese Turnip Raw ?

Because of the crispness and delicious raw flavor, Hakurei turnips do not have to be cooked, they can be eaten raw.

What Does Hukurei Turnips Taste Like ?

To many people’s suprise, Hukerei Turnips are delicate and fruity with a crunchy texture. Hakurei turnips. A really good idea to consider is to shave the Hukurei Turnips into salads or slaw along with thinly sliced apples or pears. have a deliciously raw taste.

Can You Freeze Japanese Turnips ?

You can freeze Japanese Turnips. Freeze the turnips in cubes or have them fully cooked and mashed. Simply cut the tops off and wash and peel. Cut the turnips in cubes to blanch or in large chunks to cook and mash them before freezing.

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