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The Very Best Nam Khao Salads !!!

Nam Khao is a popular dish originating in Thailand. This is a very popular Lao appetizer which comes from Tha Deua, which is a small village port in that country. This is food that can be found in street stalls, restaurants and at potluck dinners.

The main ingredients in most Nam Khao salads are deep fried rice balls, chunks of fermented pork sausage, chopped peanuts, grated coconut, sliced scallions, mint, cilantro, lime juice and fish sauce. Red curry paste, seasoned cooked rice, sugar, salt and grated coconut are included in the traditional Laos recipe.

The word Nam actually means fermented raw pork sausage.

Below are some of my favorite Nam Khao Salads, I hope you try at least one of these recipes.

Nam Khao Salad From Food and Wine Magazine

Ingredients for this Nam Khoa salad include, Jasmine Rice, Red Curry Paste, onion, fish sauce and scallions.

Food and Wine Magazine

Laotian Crispy Rice Salad – Nam Khao Inthisorn Foods

Key Ingredients include 3 cups of rice, chicken broth and curry paste

Inthisorn Foods

NAEM Khao – Coconut Rice Salad from Jenuine Cuisine

Naem is fremented port sausage, with ingredients including Jasmine Rice, Roasted peanuts, fish sauce, yellow onions, and grated coconut.

Naem Khao - Coconut Rice Salad ແໜມເຂົ້າ | Jenuine Cuisine
Jenuine Cuisine

Laotian Rice Ball Salad – Nam Khao from Global Kitchen Travels

Ingredients include Jasmine rice, ground pork, red curry paste, fish sauce, roasted peanuts and grated coconut.

Nam Khao - Laotian Rice Ball Salad
Global Kitchen Travels

Crispy Rice Salad With Kale – Nam Khao How Sweet Eats

Ingredients include white rice, kale and red peppers. Other ingredients include coconut oil, shallot and soy sauce.

This crispy rice salad is the best lunch I've had in ages! It's full of crunch and crisp, it's satisfying and has lots of green kale so we get our veg in. The crispy rice salad can be a meal, you can add beans or rice or it can even be a side dish. I #rice #salad #vegetarian #crispy #kale
How Sweet Eats

Vegan Nam Khao – Feed Me Phoebe

Ingredients include jasmine rice, coconut oil, red pepper, Fresno chili, tamari, lacinato kale and rice vinegar.

Nam Khao crispy rice salad in a bowl
Feed Me Phoebe

Conclusion :

This salad gets high praise in Thailand and other countries of the world. Taste the experience and bring the joy to your dinner table. Many of the ingredients are common in most recipes in this post. Hope you enjoy.

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