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The Very Best Sicilian Salads

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A traditional Sicilian Salad is a delicious way to make your lunch or dinner more enjoyable. The main ingredient in most Sicilian Salads are oranges. You can use a variety of different oranges in your Sicilian Salad recipe. There are many different ways to enjoy a Sicilian Salad, you could have a Sicilian pasta salad, a Sicilian octopus salad, a Sicilian potato salad or a Sicilian Tuna salad.

Sicilian Inspired Blood Orange Salad : Click Here

What you need here are three cara cara oranges, 6 blood oranges along with onion mint and feta. This should make for one delicious salad. This from the Kitchn

Colorful Recipe: Sicilian-Inspired Blood Orange Salad | Kitchn
The Kitchn

Sicilian Pepper Salad : Click Here

A tasty combination of sweet red bell peppers, hot peppers and garlic cloves are the main ingredients in this Sicilian Salad from Eating Well.

Eating Well

Sicilian Orange Salad : Click Here

6 peeled naval oranges, a medium sized red onion and 8 fresh basil leaves are what you need to make this delicious looking salad from Taste of Home

Sicilian Orange Salad Recipe: How to Make It
Taste Of Home

Sicilian Orange and Onion Salad : Click Here

Four oranges, and onions sliced very very very thin along with oregano leaves, basil, virgin olive oil and group pepper makes this a must try.

Sicilian Orange and Onion Salad for Festive Friday! • The Heritage Cook ®
The Heritage Cook

Orange and Fennel Salad with Sicilian Olives : Click Here

Here you need Three oranges, two mandarin oranges, a quarter of a fennel bulb, thinly sliced red onion and six Sicilian olives to make this tasty salad from Bakers Beans

Orange Fennel Salad
Bakers Beans

Sicilian Orange Salad with Mint and Cinnamon : Click Here

Eight Small oranges, a handful of olives, mint leaves, jalapenos, lemon, salt and cinnamon are the ingredients needed to make this Silcilian salad from La Cucina Italiana

La Cucina Italiana

Sicilian Salad with Balsamic Dijon Vinaigrette : Click Here

Here you need cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and olives are what you need for this Sicilian Salad from Preserving Good Stock.

Sicilian Salad with Balsamic Dijon Vinaigrette – Preserving Good Stock
Preserving Good Stock

Other Sicilian Salads Include

Sicilian Seafood Salad from Dominique Rizzo

Sicilian Seafood Salad
Dominique Rizzo

Sicilian Potato and Green Bean Salad : Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes & Gardens

Sicilian Citrus Salad With Goat Cheese : From Scratch With Maria

Sicilian Citrus Salad with Goat Cheese
From Scratch With Maria

Sicilian Tuna Salad : Savour The Flavour

Savour The Flavour

Sicilian Calamari Salad : Gourmet Traveller

Gourmet Traveller

Sicilian Cauliflower Salad : From A Chef’s Kitchen

From A Chef’s Kitchen

Conclusion :

You can jazz your Sicilian salad in many different ways. This salad is one in which you must try at least once a year. After all there are so many salads to experience. I also like to get as much responses as possible regarding your experience with Sicilian Salads.

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