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Tips To Help Improve Your Coleslaw Game !!!

Tip For Using A Food Processor

When you use a food processor to make the best coleslaw you have ever made, remember to use the slicing blade and not the shredding blade. The slicing blade makes the coleslaw stand out more with much more personality

Tip For Preventing Watery Slaw

This is Important. Most coleslaw recipes that you come across toss the shredded cabbage which is fresh with a home made dressing which is quickly prepared. It only takes an hour for the cabbage to start weeping liquid which begins to dilute the dressing and the cabbage ends up sitting in a puddle of dressing that is watery. This means the dressing won’t cling to the leaves. To prevent this from happening a little salt is all you need. If you toss in a tablespoon of salt and let the coleslaw sit in a colander for an hour or two, this will prevent the coleslaw from being watery. This will also soften the cabbage

Tips On How To Store

The coleslaw can be stored for 3 to 5 days in an air tight container. If the coleslaw is made with vinaigrette you can store it for 2 weeks. If you have a mayonnaise base coleslaw it will not freeze that well.

Tip For Adding Flavor

Here is one ingredient that you would need to make your coleslaw taste incredible. Celery seed. Try adding this to your coleslaw recipe.

Here are some sophisticated coleslaw recipes to think about

Pineapple Coleslaw : Click Here

Large silver bowl filled with pineapple slaw with tongs.
Bites of Wellness

Creamy Sriracha Coleslaw : Click Here

sriracha slaw
Cooked By Julie

Spicy & Sweet Jalapeno Coleslaw : Click Here

Overhead shot of Spicy & Sweet Jalapeno Coleslaw on a white and gold trim platter with a fork and spoon tucked into the slaw and a ramekin of coleslaw sauce on the platter; with a purple linen, two glasses of beer and two small ramekins of salt and sliced jalapeƱos surrounding the platter.
No Spoon Necessary

Avocado Coleslaw : Click Here

Eat This Much

Dill Pickle Coleslaw : Click Here

Dill Pickle Coleslaw in a green bowl
Southern BIte

Asian Coleslaw : Click Here

Once Upon A Chef

Fruit Coleslaw : Click Here

Fruit Coleslaw
Taste of Home

Garlic Coleslaw : Click Here

Vincent's Famous Garlic Coleslaw Recipe | Allrecipes

Tartar Slaw : Click Here

Good Food Life

Italian Coleslaw : Click Here

Colelsaw with Italian Dressing
Living Lou

Doritos Coleslaw : Click Here

Sue DeBruinjn

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