You are currently viewing Top 10 Herring Salad Recipes you probably have never made before.

Top 10 Herring Salad Recipes you probably have never made before.

What is Herring ?

They are forage fish, they are often found in large schools around fishing banks that are near the coast. They are often salted, smoked or pickled.

Where are Herring Fish Found ?

  • Arabian Sea
  • Indian Ocean
  • Bay of Bengal
  • North Pacific Ocean
  • North Atlantic Ocean

What color is Herring ?

They are a silvery color, with a greenish or blueish back.

What countries eat herring ?

Pickled herring is a popular food in many parts of Europe including the Scandinavian countries, England and the Netherlands. Herring is also popular in parts of Canada including provinces near the oceans. British Columbia and Newfoundland.

Is Herring a good fish to eat ?

They are delicious, with flaky, mild meat and the skin is drizzled with oil over a flame. The fish can also be pickled, smoked and fried.

What Does Herring Taste Like ?

They are a small fish that is naturally oily. If you have never eaten herring before it is suggested that you start with the variety in wine sauce. It makes the taste a little sweet and very oniony.

Is Herring the same as Mackerel ?

They are similar as they are both fine and fatty, but while the meat of herring is buttery, mackerel is more oily.

Is Herring In A Jar Good For You ?

Pickled Herring contains many nutritional benefits and is heart healthy.

Below are my Top 10 Herring Salads.

10. Herring Salat : What’s Cooking America

German Herring Salat in serving bowl with rye bread
What’s Cooking America

9 Pickled Herring Salad :

8 Herring Salad : Food 52

Food 52

7 Herring Apple Salad : Myrecipes

6 Smoked Herring and Potato Salad  : CNZ


5 Creamy Herring Salad with Pickles and Carrots : Kosher

Creamy Herring Salad with Pickles and Carrots

4 Russian Beet Salad with Herring : Allrecipes

3 Dutch Herring Salad with beets and potatoes : The Glutton Life 

The Glutton Life

2 German Red Herring salad (Roter Heringsalat) : Daring Gourmet

herring salad recipe roter heringssalat red beets apples dill German Danish Swedish Norwegian Finnish Polish authentic traditional
Daring Gourmet

1 Piquant Herring Salad : Vintage Recipe Cards


Vintage Recipe Cards

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