Best Colorful Salad Bowls

Amazingware Porcelain Bowls – 18 Ounce for Cereal, Soup, Salad

This set has decorations in both outer layer and inside. They can be used not just for salad’s but soups and pastas and cereals. The bowls can hold 20 oz of liquid and made from durable porcelain. These colorful bowls are perfect for festive occasions.

Durable Ceramic Bowls set of 6

Here are a set of 6, 26 oz durable non-toxic ceramic bowls. These microwave safe bowls have a strange looking but sophisticated design that is perfect for guests. Comes in many different colors so you can determine which color fits best for your kitchen. I always like to get a color combination that fits best

KitchenTour 35oz Soup Bowls, Serving Bowl for Salad

These bowls have a sophisticated design which adds pizazz to your table. Each bowl is 8 inches wide and 35 ounces in capacity. No two bowls in a set are alike and are quite stackable.

Plastic Bowls set of 12

These bowls are unbreakable and are great for poolside use and picnics. These bowls can be used for all three meals of the day

DeeCoo Porcelain Bowls Set (18-Ounce, 6-Piece)

These bowls certainly make the food more appealing. These 18 ounce bowls are vibrant and are microwave and oven safe which makes a great gift.

24 Pieces Reusable Plastic Bowls Set 32

These unbreakable bowls come in 4 different colors and have a thick bottom. If you have a feeling your guests favorite color is blue, there are two different sets of blue.

Youngever 10 inch 100 Ounce Plastic Mixing and Serving Bowls

These bowls hold up to 100 ounces. Comes in a set of 9 in rainbow colors and are safe for kids. Use it for chips, snacks and fruits.

Small Square Bowls Plastic Dishwasher Safe

These 24 ounce small square bowls are great for dips and salads. Can be used for picnics, kids parties and restaurants.

Teocera Porcelain Small Bowls, Dessert Bowls Set

Melamine Bowls, 7.5-inch Bowls Salad Bowl, set of 6 in 6 Assorted Colors

These 7.5 inch bowls are durable and shatterproof which provide a nice shine and are easy to clean and maintain. These bowls would be perfect on any outdoor patio.

French Onion Soup Bowls

These French onion soup bowls provide a different twist to the traditional French onion soup bowls. These bowls have an easy grip handle which gives you more control over a hot bowl.

Kids Dinnerware Set of 8

This set includes, several components. Cups, plates, plastic knives and forks. These are perfect for a kids birthday party and are easy to clean.

Bino Plastic Mixing Bowls

These bowls come in a set of four and are great for prepping ingredients and easy to store. Each bowl has a clear lid so you can see the ingredients.

Certified International Mariachi Bowls

A beautiful handcrafted set with multi-colors. Each bowls has a different color and exquisite design. Great for soups.

Melamine Bowl Set

A set of 6 bowls are accompanied by the same color plate. Great for so many different occasions. This set can be used for salads, snacks and cereals. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Surphase 6 pcs Ice Cream Bowl Set

Your kids will love these bowls. These children’s ice cream bowls can be used over and over again unlike the paper ice cream bowls. Comes with a spoon of the corresponding color and has a fashionable design.

Lovecasa 32 Pasta Bowls Set

These bowls are very shallow with only 1.8″ in depth. They are heavier than most pasta bowls. A smooth surface makes it easier to clean. These pasta bowls would also be ideal for soups and look attractive on any dinner table.

Plastic Mixing Bowls – Unite Chef 12 piece

These bowls are deeper than most salad bowls. They provide more flexibility with a variety of sizes. Great for tossing salads and nest very nicely. Comes with measuring cups and salad serving spoons.

SUCOAN 4 Pack Porcelain

This set comes in four different colors. Beige, yellow, green and red with colorful polka dots. Very stylish and can be washed with soap and hot water.

Certified International Sierra 9″ Soup/Pasta Bowl

Each bowl comes with a different color and a wall of different colors on each bowl and an etched top. Each bowl has a different color bottom

5 oz Retro Aluminum Bowls

These bowls can be used for indoor and outdoor use. Looks very attractive in comparison to the traditional stainless steel bowls. Ideal for parties and comes in assorted colors.

Teocera Porcelain Cereal Bowls

These oval shape bowls have a smooth finish. 2.6 inches deep and the shape will have an influence on you diet.

Oval Plastic Contoured Serving Bowls

4 beautiful colors that are great for reunions. They are both reusable and disposable. Hundreds of different foods can be put in these bowls.

Chef Craft Select Plastic Mixing Bowl

5 mixing bowls, they nest for easy storage. Lip has a pour spout which makes it easy to move liquid from one bowl to another. Comes in a variety of colors

Bright Colored Ice Cream Bowls with Spoons

These bowls are great for parties. Comes in colors green, purple, blue and green. This is the perfect size for kids. Makes if fun for kids to eat ice cream.

Coral Orion Savory Footed Ice Cream Bowl

Perfect for serving for fruits and salads. Can also be used for beverages. Makes the table decorative for friends

6 colorful Food Grade Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl

A gripable surface that makes it fun to hold. This product is safe for kids. Great for parties and comes in a variety of colors

Camp Casual CC-OO6

Comes in four different colors. There are four different sizes which makes them nest for storage. There are designs of trucks, vans and stars. Can be used for a variety of uses.

Scandinovia – 13 oz Unbreakable Premium Bowls

This is a set of 6 triton plastic bowls. They make it look like glass. They are unbreakable. Used for a variety of different foods, salads, pastas and snacks

Vremi 13 piece mixing bowl set with Handles

This is your complete set of mixing and baking bowls. Stacks for easy storage. Comes with multi color bowls, colander and sifter. Great for use at parties.

Astra Gourmet Flower Shape Salad Dipping Bowls

Perfect for coleslaws. comes in four colors, green, purple, pink and blue. Great to be served with sushi dinnerware

Arrow Plastic Sip-A-Bowl

What a great idea this is instead of lifting the bowl to slurp the milk. Four bright colored bowls and spoons. Great for sleepovers

SOUJOY Set of 9 Cereal Bowls

Easy to clean, stacks perfectly, multi-pastel colors. Can be used for a variety of purposes.

Youdure 5 piece Mini Silicone Bowls

14 pieces for mini condiments. Great for salads, fruit and rice. Great for parties and stacks with ease.

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