Tip #1 : Let the Chicken chill first. Not doing this will warm the salad dressing.

Tip #2: You can add fruits to the salad, for instance grapes or apples. If you do so make sure you omit the celery if you are adding apples.

Tip #3 : If you want your salad to be more crunchy, add some nuts like pecans, almonds or walnuts

Tip #4 : Reduce Fat and Still Taste Great : If you not wanting to use the full fat mayo then you can switch to reduced fat cream cheese. You might enjoy that taste even more.

Tip #5 : Want the most tender chicken? If you are looking for the most tender chicken, a rotisserie chicken is the best route to go in order to achieve the most tender, moist and flavorful chicken. Although you can also try chicken in the oven or slow cooked as well.

Tip #6 : Be very careful of the Bones. There could be even the tiniest bones that are easy to miss. By getting all the bones out of the chicken will make your guests happier.

Tip #7 : Poaching the Chicken : Instead of poaching the chicken in water, consider poaching the chicken in chicken stock. This will keep more of it’s flavor