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Salads From St. Lucia

Beautiful St. Lucia along with the Windward Islands became a Federated state associated with the United Kingdom in 1967. Independence was achieved in 1979 but still remains apart of the British Commonwealth.

St. Lucia is considered an Eastern Caribbean gem with a volcanic landscape with plenty of beaches and rainforests as well.

For people who indulge in cruises for honeymoons, this is a popular destination in addition to independent travellers making their way to the island.

St Lucia, Building, Santiago, Chili

What Food is St. Lucia Known For ?

Two of the most famous foods in St. Lucia are the two main components in the St. Lucia salad. Those are green figs and saltfish. Other popular foods in St. Lucia would be grilled fish, stewed meats and lambi

Here are Two Salads That Are Most Popular In St. Lucia

St Lucian Green Fig Salad : Cooking With Ria Click Here

Salted cod fish, green figs, frozen mixed vegetables, mayo, sweet peppers and onions are fresh ingredients that comprise this St. Lucian Green Fig Salad.

Cooking With Ria

Green Fig Salad : Just A Pinch Click Here

An amazing combination of green bananas and salt cod gets everybody in St. Lucia jumping for joy. The taste is similar to that of a potato salad

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Just A Pinch

What Foods Are Eaten On St. Lucia Day

December 13th is St. Lucia Day. Baked goods and coffee is usually served. Saffron buns are the most common kind of baked goods served. People must be in a great mood since the day lands about two weeks before Christmas. On St. Lucia day, daughters especially the oldest dress in white with a crown of candles on their head.

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