Salads Under 300 Calories

Many of us are trying to watch our weight and how many calories we consume.  

There are many restuarants that offer a menu that consists of nutritional choice items, but I can’t think of one restaurant where they only offer items under 300 calories per serving. 

Hopefully the salads that I have picked down below can be inspiring in your pursuit to lose weight and to live a healthier lifestyle 

Cookin’ Canuck has the low calorie salad. The Thai Chicken Salad. Consists of two kinds of cabbage, onion and carrots. 

236 calories 

Thai Chicken Salad Recipe…It’s virtually impossible to stop eating this delicious, healthy salad! 236 calories and 4 Weight Watchers Freestyle SP #cleaneating #weightwatchers #chickenrecipes
Cookin’ Canuck

Boy do I like the look of this salad. This is from Tinned Tomatoes. It’s called the 230 calorie fridge salad. This multcolored salad has flashy purple pickled beets, yummy feta and splashes of bright orange tasty carrots 

230 calories 

Tinned Tomatoes

This ambrosia salad just has 231 calories per serving. From Real House Moms.  

231 calories 

close up of ambrosia in a serving bowl
Real House Moms

Moms Dish has their version of the Ultimate Garden Salad recipe. Ripe avocado, tasteful tomatoes and crispy cucumbers are in this low calorie salad 

204 calories

Ultimate Garden Salad in a bowl with vegetables
Moms Dish

This recipe is from Spark People, this recipe is under 200 calories. I like how the avecado is sliced with the bright tomatoes in the center.  

196 calories

Under 200 calorie refreshing veggie cottage cheese salad
Spark Recipes

Fit for Wizard has the Light Cauliflower low calorie, low fat salad. What stands out here is elegant cauliflower and the delectable, sweet tasting pickles 

182 calories

Light Cauliflower Salad (Low Calorie, Low Fat)
Fit Food Wizard

This is a cold and creamy chicken salad from ifoodreal, Just look at the chicken pieces of chicken. 

180 calories

Healthy Chicken Salad

Joyful Healthy Eats has the Light Easy Chicken Salad recipe. Here this salad has grapes and scrumptious pecans

168 calories

easy healthy chicken salad recipe on lettuce cups
Joyful Healthy Eats

Mom On Timeout has the Pistachio Dessert Salad. They call it the best watergate salad. I love the delicious cherries on top. Only 158 calories per serving 

158 calories

Mom On Timeout

Feel Good Foodie has the Healthy Egg Salad. You will be able to see the many ways you can make use of this tasty treat. 

133 calories

Close up shot to show texture of the healthy egg salad served in a salad
Feel Good Foodie

This low calorie watermelon salad from Rasa Malaysis consists of juicy watermelon and flavorful strawberries 

120 calories

Watermelon salad in a glass salad bowl.
Rasa Malaysia

Only 83 calories per serving is comprised in this delicious looking salad. Filled with exquisite kidney beans and delightful corn. This is from The Easy Bean Salad

83 calories

Here is a low calorie pasta salad from Health Beet. The colorful mac pasta along with the gripping black olives makes this look sensational 

73 calories

Low calorie pasta salad

This is a Low Cal Salad with French Dressing from This low calorie salad was delicious watermelon, delightful cherry tomatoes and red onion. 

72 calories

Low-Calorie Side Salad and French Dressing
Lo Dough

Food Recipe’s Knowledge has this Low Calorie Salad. You can tell that creativity plays a big part in this salad. The dazzling watermelon and the purple beet cubes stand out.  

67.5 calories

low-calories salads, food gallery
Food Recipes Knowledge

PCRM also has this Rainbow Salad. Contains lots of color. Purple cabbage, Orange carrots and fresh green celery.  

39 calories

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