I love Friday nights. There is nothing like finishing up work for the week and kicking it back for the weekend. On Friday nights I like going out dancing. I certainly can’t wait until we can do that again.

On Friday night’s before I go out dancing, I would often drive by this Greek restaurant in Mississauga and it is all you can eat. I have been there and the Greek food looks spectacular. I always love having a Mediterranean Salad when I am there. The bright colors, the white feta and the bright color of green in the cucumbers really increases the good mood you are already in.

When I get to the dance center, they have a dinner for anyone who bought a ticket into the dance hall. The main courses always switch, one week they will have chicken, another week they will have pasta and other weeks weeks they will have fish or beef. It changes every week.

But there’s a couple things that don’t change. Every week they serve the hard butter rolls, let me tell you something, these rolls are tough to cut in half and they also serve my favorite part of the dinner. THE SALAD. They would have a BIG BIG glass bowl with either caesar salad or garden salad. I bet you off the 200 plus people that attend on Friday nights nobody loves salads more than me. I take the tongs and grab THE biggest tong full of salad I can . About 80 percent of my plate is covered with salad.

All in All the dinner tastes great and when it’s done it’s time to go out and dance for 3 or 4 hours.

Below are my Top 10 Mediterranean Salads. I would like to know what Mediterranean salad interests you most. It may not be on this list but that’s ok, my feelings aren’t hurt.

10. Pass Me Some Tasty : Mediterranean Bean Salad 

A large bowl of Mediterranean Bean Salad with serving utensils, lemon, and a jar of leftover vinaigrette off to the sides.
Pass Me Some Taste

9. The Harvest Kitchen : Mediterranean Bean Salad


bow of bean salad
The Harvest Kitchen

8. BHG : Mediterranean Three Bean Salad 

7. Lifespan : Mediterranean Bead Salad


6. Little Broken : Mediterranean Bean Salad with Mushrooms 

Little Broken

5 Recipeland : Kidney Bean Mediterranean Salad



4. A Cedar Spoon : Mediterranean Bean Salad

Mediterranean Bean Salad in bowl
A Cedar Spoon

3. Allrecipes.com : Three Bean Salad with Feta Cheese


Three Bean Salad with Feta Cheese

2. Happi Home Made : Mediterranean Tri Bean Salad


All the ingredients in a Mediterranean Tri-Bean Saladin a white bowl.
Happi Homemade

1. Delish : Mediterranean Chickpea Salad Recipe


Mediterranean Chickpea Salad horizontal

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