Best Salads From Uzbekistan

Tomato And Onion Salad (Shakarob) : Leelalicious Click Here

This is not your average tomato salad. This is the Uzbek version. It has a twist to it. Spicy onions and fresh dill is the big game changer here.

Uzbek Tomato Onion Salad for Plov

Uzbek Summer Salad : Sas Does Click Here

White Onions, fresh cucumber, bright red bell peppers and dill make up this Uzbek Summer Salad. Think fresh, bright and crunchy.

Sas Does

Uzbek Salad : Round The World Vegan Click Here

A radish and almond salad topped with pomegranates. There is a shower of pomegranates and they all of a sudden take center stage.

Round The World Vegan

Uzbek Salad : David’s Been Here Click Here

In this article I just love looking at the huge pile of food. So much hard work goes into bring the ingredients right into your home

David\s Been Here

Uzbekistan Potato Salad Ball : Cookpad Click Here

This Uzbekistan Potato Ball Salad can be used for several different purposes. A side dish at dinner, a potluck occasion and a picnic. It indeed is a rainbow of goodness.

Uzbekistan Potato Salad Ball with Tomato Sauce recipe main photo

Uzbekistan Salad : Best Of Vegan Click Here

Last but not least, this Uzbekistan salad or actually a SHAKARAP. Tomatoes, onions, herbs and red chillies. They can also include cucumber and pomegranates as well.

Vegan Uzbek Cuisine: Achichuk Salad
Best Of Vegan

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