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My favorite Japanese Potato Salads

Japenese Potato Salads are very colorful and unique. 

The main ingredients in a Japanese Potato salad are cucumbers, carrots, corn,potatoes and mayonnaise. 

Like any other potato salad you will have a decision to make as to how much mayonnaise you would like to put in and also whether or not you prefer mustard. 

This potato salad is very economical to make. Just think you go into some grocery stores and they charge a fortune for the store brand stuff. Not good.  

Those of you who are not into the tangy stuff then maybe leave the mustard out.  

The number of calories in a serving of Japanese Potato Salad is typically under 250 calories 

Japanese Potato salad is not the same as Potato salads that I have previously talked about such as Potato Salad with Pickles and Potato Salad with Bacon. 

A Japenese Potato salad is best made with Kewpie Mayonnaise. It is made with only the egg yolk not the whole egg. Kewpie Mayonnaise is made with rice or apple vinegar and has no added salt or sugar.  

Japanese Potato Salad by Smart Nutrition.  

Japanese Potato Salad by Under 500 calories

Japanese Potato Salad by Marion’s Kitchen. This recipe is much creamier and more yellow because of the mustard.

Annco Journal has this Japanese Potato Salad. I love the picture where they show you the only ingredients you will need. The carrots really stand out. For those of you who speak Japenese. The translation is provided for you. 

I heart Umani has this Japenese Potato Salad. This looks incredible. See for yourself the ingredients. This recipe has peas in it. For those of you who enjoy peas, “I know not everybody does”, peas would be an interesting taste in potato salads

Boy do I ever like the look of this Japenese Potato Salad by SBS. This looks like an attractive appetizer to have on a Friday Night have a hard day’s work

Take a look at this recipe. This Japenese Potato Salad would be an ideal salad for weddings. It looks amazing. This from No Recipes 


When you are making potato salad, don’t just make it for the sake of making it. Think Spectacular. These recipes can help make your potato salad tasteful for your guests.  

When I make any kind of salad I also like to have atleast two pieces of ingredients stand out. In this case the carrot and cucumber sure do that.  

I look forward to providing you with the best and the most salad recipes ever, in my next post I am going to go over recipes that most of you are a little bit more familiar with. Potato Salad with egg.  

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