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The Best Ever Seaweed Salad Recipes.

I know there are some of you out there that have never had a SEAWEED SALAD. Well now is the time to try.

In my previous posts I was discussing, Macaroni Salads, and Broccoli Salads

What is a SEAWEED SALAD. The most commonly consumed form of seaweed is kelp. Kelp is not a plant. Kelp is grown in forests underground. Kelp is a very salty taste

SEAWEED is a very low-calorie item

Seaweed Salad Products

Here are my favorite Seaweed recipes

12 Will Cook For Friends : Japanese SEAWEED Salad


IMG_5732 2 b
Will Cook For Friends

11 Splendid Table : SEAWEED Salad

Splendid Salad

10 Recipe Tin Eats : Konbu SEAWEED Salad with CUCUMBER

Hero shot of Konbu Seaweed and Cucumber Salad in a bowl.
Recipe Tin Eats

9 Live Natural Magazine : SALMON SEAWEED Salad


salmon and seaweed salad
Live Naturally Magazine

8 Pickled Plum : SEAWEED SALAD


Japanese Seaweed Salad
Pickled Plum

7 Constantly Cooking : Japanese Style SEAWEED Salad


Japanese-style seaweed salad
Constantly Cooking



5 Instructables : SEAWEED Chuka Wakame

Seaweed Salad - Chuka Wakame

4 Jamie Oliver : Japanese GRILLED SALMON Seaweed Salad


Japanese grilled salmon & seaweed salad
Jamie Oliver

3 Food and Wine : SEAWEED Salad

Food And Wine

 2 Simply Beautiful Eating : STIR FRIED EGGPLANT with SESAME Seaweed Salad 

Simply Beautiful Eating

and my favorite seaweed salad….

1 No Recipes : SEAWEED Salad

Savory, sweet, and redolent of toasted sesame, Seaweed Salad is cheap and easy to make at home!
No Recipes

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