The Best Mediterranean Quinoa Salads

Each Mediterranean Quinoa Salad is based on plant foods, which includes fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

In my previous post I was talking about Quinoa Salad with Kale. But now I am clahing quinoa with a mediterranean salad.

A secret to making quinoa more tastier is by adding spices and herbs.

Usually a quinoa salad is made of red bell peppers, cucumbers, red onion, chickpeas olive oil and parsley

But now you can take it a step further will some of these Mediterranean Quinoa Salads.

Skinny Taste : Mediterranean Quinoa Salad


Mediterranean Quinoa Salad is protein packed with fresh and tasty Mediterranean flavors. Made with cucumbers, tomatoes, kalamata olives, red onion, extra virgin olive oil, fresh lemon and Feta cheese.
Skinny Taste

Foodie Crush : Mediterranean Quinoa Salad 

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad | #healthy #recipes #dressing #feta
Foodie Crush

Choosing Chia : Mediterranean Quinoa Salad 

a bowl of mediterranean quinoa salad with a wood spoon
Choosing Chia

Fool Proof Living : Mediterranean Quinoa Salad


A big bowl of Mediterranean Quinoa Salad with salad dressing on the side
Fool Proof Living

Lexis Clean Kitchen : Mediterranean Quinoa Salad


Mediterranean Quinoa Salad recipe in a bowl
Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

Seitan Beats Your Meat : Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

Quinoa salad on plate surrounded by vegetables on cutting board
Seitan Beats Your Meal

I Food Real : Mediterranean Quinoa Salad 

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad in a bowl with serving spoons
I Food Real

Two Peas And Their Pod : Mediterranean Three Bean Quinoa Salad


Mediterranean Salad with Quinoa in Serving Bowl
Two Peas And Their Pod

Serving Up Simplicity : Mediterranean Quinoa Salad


Mediterranean Quinoa Salad in a white bowl
Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

Now here are my 5 favorite Mediterranean Quinoa Salads 

Cookie and Kate : Mediterranean Quinoa Salad. I just love the eggplant, yellow squash and scrumptious zucchini mashed together with the other delicious ingredients.  

mediterranean quinoa salad recipe
Cookie & Kate

Cookin with Mima : Mediterranean Quinoa Salad. I love the vegetables that are zestled into an ocean of quinoa. Cherry Tomatoes, Olives, Cucumbers, Onions, and colorful bell peppers.  

mediterranean quinoa salad served in a dish, dopped with feta cheese and lemon wedges
Cooking With Mima

Spoonful of Flavor : Mediterranean Grilled Shrimp Quinoa Salad. Here’s what I love, feta cheese crumble, cherry tomatoes, and a delectable half of pound of shrimp 

Mediterranean Grilled Shrimp Quinoa Salad - made with fresh olive oil red wine vinaigrette!
Spoonful Of Flavor

Chantlaine : Mediterranean Quinoa Bowl. There is a plethora of ingredients including red onion, crumbled feta, hummis, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and greek oregano

Mediterranean quinoa bowl
Mediterranean Chicken Quinoa Bowls with Israeli Salad, Hummus, and Tahini Sauce |
Shared Appetite

And My Favorite Mediterranean Quinoa Salad. Shared Appetite with their version. Mediterranean Chicken Quinoa Bowl. Sliced chicken, chopped cucumber, chopped tomatoes and chopped olives, crumbled feta and a slice of lemon on the side makes this salad very very savory 

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