5 Really Delicious Fiambre Salads

What Is A Fiambre Salad?

A Fiambre Salad is a Salad that is enjoyed to celebrate All Saints Day. It is served chilled and included all kinds of ingredients

What are the most Common Ingredients of a Fiambre Salad?

The most common ingredents of a Fiambre Salad include :


Cold Cuts

Pickled Baby Corn




Here are my five favorite Fiambre Salads

5 Taste of Home : Fruited Wild Rice Salad 

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Fruited Wild Rice Salad
Taste of Home

4. Antigua Daily Photo : Fiambre Salad 

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Rudy Giron: Fiambre &emdash; The Colorful Guatemalan Fiambre Salad
Antiqua Daily Photo

3. Dinner With Julie : Strawberry Wild Rice Salad with Feta Maple Balsamic 

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DInner With Julue

2. Punch Fork : Guatemalan Fiambre Salad 

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Guatemalan Fiambre Salad Recipe #ASpicyPerspective #AllSaintsDay
A Spicy Perspective

1 Saveur : Fiambre Guatemalan Salad 

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Guatemalan Composed Salad (Fiambre)

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